Aisha Alabbar in Collaboration with Sculptor Griet Van den Auwelant at City Walk

XLIX Art Project for a good cause

Aisha Alabbar Gallery celebrates the Holy month of Ramadan at City Walk  with art installation XLIX Art Project, a collective of 34 female artists presented by Griet Van den Auwelant. The art installations will be on view from 11 April to 15 May 2021.


XLIX means 49 in Roman numerals. Initiated by Dubai-based sculptor Griet Van den Auwelant, XLIX art project is a collaborative effort of 34 international female artists celebrating creativity, diversity, and the UAE’s Golden jubilee through artistic creations. The 49 dolls are cast in concrete from the original clay doll mold designed by Griet. The concrete dolls are transformed by each of the 34 artists according to their art specialty.  


XLIX installation carries a power message: empowerment. Like the dolls, we as humans are one species, yet each one of us is magically unique. If we empower one another, respect the difference, and find harmony in life, together we can make a better world. The dolls are now being auctioned on XLIX website, part of the proceeds will go to Al Jalila Foundation. For more information, please visit



The XLIX art project is a collaboration of 34 international female artists. Participating artists include Amani Eltigani Korbijn (Sudan), Chandni Patel (India), Ana Liz Cordero (Ecuador), Lucy Miller (UK), Noura Alblooki (UAE), Fatima Sherjan (Pakistan), Fleur Josephine      (Netherlands), Sumaya Jawal (Jordan), Dina Saadi (Russia), Noor Bahjat Al Massri (Syria), Dina Fawakhiri (Jordan), Muna Amareen (Jordan), Shereen Shalhoub        (Jordan), Anna Maria A. Shuhaiber  (Lebanon), Caroline Ghantous (Lebanon/Palestine/USA), Lena Kassicieh, (Palestine/USA), Louisa Bakhmullaeva (Azerbaijan), Rubab Zahra (Pakistan), Audrée Marsolais    (Canada), Cristina Grigore (Romania), Eman Alhashemi (UAE), Stefania Nazzal (Switzerland), Almyra Duarte (South Africa), Madonna Rammal (Lebanon /Philippines), Mojedh Sh Dadkhah  (Iran), Rabab Tantawy (Egypt), Marry Alameri (Russia), Brenda Steegmans (Belgium)

Aarathi Sunil  (India), Rowaida Hakim (Lebanon), Tibian Bahari (Sudan), Kimberley McGowan      (India), Noor Zahra (Pakistan), Nimra Noman (Pakistan).


Griet Van den Auwelant is an international artist and sculptor who uses art as a vital and constant source of pleasure, hope and esse, a way of life. After exploring multiple art forms, from piano, to painting, to fashion design, she was drawn back to clay, one of the most natural materials to work with. Since 2012 Griet has been exploring ceramics in different studios in Belgium and Dubai, she plays with texture, discovering and studying clay and pushing the limits of glazes, her work is playful and real, raw and unpretentious. Griet's imagination comes to life in thematic exhibitions that have been lauded by critics and colleagues.

April 10, 2021