The Art Circle's Studio Visit at Dr. Najat Makki

The Art Circle and its members got a glimpse of Dr. Najat private studio on 20th June 2021. Dr. Najat invited participants to create a collaborative artwork titled "The Rhythm of Life". 


About The Art Circle-

Founded and directed by Barbara Farahnick-Mathonet in 2018, the Art Circle is a network of international art collectors and art passionate women based in the UAE. It is a non-profit organization that aims to promote arts, artists and institutions from or in connection with the MENASA region.


By membership only, it aspires to develop and grow a circle of likeminded women, passionate and involved in arts, and build hand-in-hand an art lover community. Through a variety of activities such as private visits to exhibitions, artists’ studios, art collections as well as art trips, talks and webinars, it seeks to promote the appreciation of art, nurture artistic growth and encourage conversation.


June 20, 2021