Roundtables Report I: What do you do?

Aisha Alabbar Gallery, Engage101, and Bayt AlMamzar, 2022

Roundtables is a discussion series between practitioners in the UAE's arts ecosystem, produced in partnership with Engage101 and Bayt AlMamzar. Every session, invited speakers address a certain topic, aiming to critically deconstruct concepts and structures as they exist currently in the UAE’s evolving arts ecosystem. The sessions are concluded by a report that documents and analyses key developments, opportunities, challenges, misconceptions, and recommendations based on the conversation between the participants. The aim of the series is to produce analytical documentation of key issues in the form of reports available as an open resource and to define the ecosystem by the voices within it. Roundtables hopes to be a tool for collective introspection and to bring together members of the different silos that exist within the wider arts ecosystem of the UAE.


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