"Contemporary Calligraphy" a cultural artistic harmony combining 6 creators

Liana Press, May 19, 2019

Outstanding works that preserve the original heritage at "Aisha Alabbar Art Gallery".
In a serious step that reflects great awareness of the importance of preserving the original Islamic Arab heritage, the photographer Aisha Alabbar recently opened the "Contemporary calligraphy" exhibition, which is organized by "Aisha Alabbar Art Gallery" and brings together a number of artists and calligraphers who have distinguished themselves with their wonderful works, their creations have won numerous awards, during the exhibition they present a series of written masterpieces and the creative paintings that sparkle and impress the audience and art connoisseurs.
The "Contemporary Calligraphy" exhibition which runs until July 31, is characterizing in beautiful cultural diversity, where six artists and calligraphers from several countries are taking part: Fatima Al Hammadi, Narjes Noureddine and Mohammed Mandi from United Arab Emirates, Tagalsir Hassan from Sudan, Majid Alyousef from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Diaa Allam from Egypt.
During the exhibition, the artists present a variety of works showcasing the different aspects of the Arabic calligraphy. The vision of each artist is reflecting in his/her collection of paintings in which the colors are mixed in an attractive poetic form. To reflect the beauty of Arabic calligraphy, which is considered one of the strongest forms of art, this art has the power to give life to the written words, promotes the deep meanings of the Arabic language and highlights strong ideas associated with Islamic heritage.
In the works of artists and calligraphers participating in the contemporary calligraphy exhibition, innovative ideas have emerged, that is out of the ordinary linear paintings, and have highlighted the color as a common factor between all the paintings, but different in use and style of formulation, where every artist excelled in the embodiment of the paintings in his/her own way, and according to his/her vision and thoughts and feelings, which produced a beautiful harmony and variety.

The paintings bore striking headlines, the most prominent are "Dancing Letters", "Jewel", "Pearl", "In Dire Need", "Reflections", “White Sky" and "A Pathway to Heaven", as well as some paintings that are unique Quranic verses written in different creative ways.
The exhibition coincides with the holy month of Ramadan to reflect the close relationship between the status of this month in the hearts of members of society and the status of calligraphy in their souls, to make Ramadan the best time to celebrate these deep ties.
The "Contemporary Calligraphy" is a new step in addition to the series of success achieved by the photographer Aisha Alabbar since the opening of "Aisha Alabbar Art Gallery", the vernissage was a great success and witnessed the presence and attention of the public, artists, calligraphers, and people interested in Arabic calligraphy.
On this occasion, Aisha Alabbar said: "Proud of this unique exhibition, and happy with the success it has achieved already and the interest of visitors which reflected the extent of their passion for Arabic calligraphy, which confirms that we are on the right track and makes us confident about the future of this art".

Aisha Alabbar said also that, through "Aisha Alabbar Art Gallery" is seeking to contribute in enriching the artistic scene in Dubai, reflecting and solidifying the true image of this city as a whole of art and creativity, and gather artists from around the world to provide their artistic products and add a lot of culture, beauty and diversity to them.

"Aisha Alabbar Art Gallery", founded in 2018, is now a meeting point for local and international calligraphers and artists and a platform for them to display their artworks in a collective or solo exhibitions. It is also an active multidisciplinary hub, where art meets cinema and fashion.