Tagelsir Hassan Sudan, b. 1954

Tagelsir (Taj) Hassan (1954, Sudan) is regard as one of the most famous and skilled calligraphers in its traditional and contemporary forms. Taj has mastered mixing his skills in calligraphy, painting and graphic design in diverse rich artworks, of which a great majority of those were demonstrated in “Versatile Letters” held in Sharjah in November and December 2018.


Taj received his BA degree in Calligraphy and Arts from University of Khartoum for Art and Design in 1979, and later obtained a Master of Art in Graphic Design from the London College of Arts and Design in 1983. He is a founding member of Hroof Arabiya calligraphy magazine and Arabic Calligraphy activities across Sharjah and Dubai. He has been a member of the Preparatory Committees for Sharjah Calligraphy Biennial until 2018 and a Member of Awards Refereeing Committees for Fine Arts and Arabic Calligraphy in UAE, Oman and Bahrain.


He is a receipent of more than 17 awards in Arabic Calligraphy competitions and exhibitions, most notably: IRCICA (Turkey), Burda.ae (Abu Dhabi), (Sharjah) Art International Biennial-1995, and the Sharjah Calligraphy Biennial, Cairo International Biennial of The Arabic Calligraphy Art-2016, Hroof Arabiya Honorary (Special Edition #38-2015). He has exhibited his art solely and joint with other artists across UAE since 1998 such as: First Solo Exhibition (Hilton Hotel, Dubai), Annual Exhibition “Emirates Fine Arts Society” 18th Edition (Sharjah), Jawhar Assowar (The Cultural and Scientific Association, Dubai), Versatile (University of Sharjah), Joint exhibition “Entwined” with Emirati Artist PhD. Najat Makki (Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Est. Gallery, Dubai), Sharjah Calligraphy Biennial “Jowhar-Tajeyyat” (Sharjah Arts Museum) and Versatile Letters (Sharjah Calligraphy Museum). His artworks are acquired by both private and corporate collectors and institutions including in Istanbul (IRCICA), Dubai (The Cultural and Scientific Association, Al Owais Cultural Foundation, Holy Quran Award, Art 4 Sight Auction), Abu Dhabi (Department of Culture and Tourism, Al Burda Award) and Sharjah (Consultative Council of Sharjah, Department of Culture).