Eman Al Hashemi United Arab Emirates, b. 1993

Eman Al Hashemi (b. Dubai, 1993) is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice revolves around impossible tasks, repetition, productivity, inefficiency, and reimagined objects and shapes through sculpture, prints, drawings, and artist books. Inspired by the ideas surrounding mass production, value, relationships to objects, hoarding, consumerism, and sentimental value, the artist questions what it means for mundane everyday objects, like a brick on the side of the road or a spoon in a drawer, to be idly placed in an environment that focuses on productivity, constant chaos and noise. Her practice is marked by the formalism and interest in materials that emerged over the past five years in the UAE, as artists moved away from found item and Pop idioms and towards studio-based work governed by concepts of perception, investigation into the properties of materials, and geometric principles.