Lama Alshenaifi Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, b. 2000

Lama Alshenaifi (b. Riyadh, 2000) is a self-taught artist and creator of the concept “IDONTGIVEABLAH”. The concept, which is prevalent throughout her practice, encourages creating fearlessly without any judgement. Lama sees people and social trends and practices as an important source of inspiration in her work that encompasses abstract and text-based drawings, paintings, and installations. Through her work, the artist aims to inspire and start constructive conversations on topics sometimes seen as critical due to social constraints or judgement. Lama’s work is the definition of chaos and balance combined, in which she believes that the state between surrender and discipline creates the flow of ideas behind her works.


Lama has recently participated in exhibitions in Riyadh including Personage 4th Anniversary Art Exhibition (2021) and The Playground Eid Campaign (2021). Additionally, she has displayed several installation works across Saudi Arabia, in venues such as Hodai Café, Ad Diriyah (2022), Switchers Restaurant, Ad Diriyah (2022), La Gray Store, Riyadh (2021), and Arpina Restaurant, Riyadh (2021). Lama has collaborated with a number of fashion brands in the Gulf, including Bucketbox, Riyadh (2022), Mazrood, Riyadh (2021-2022), Ravel, Riyadh (2020), Astro, Khobar (2020), and Pong, Kuwait (2020).